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ProAV – we are a company working with professional audio-visual systems. The founders and key personnel are in possession of more than 100 years of technical, and over a 1.000 project experience, and committed participants of the local market since the rise of proAV in ’00. We always think long term, we endeavour to develop long term relations with our clients – and from the trust of our numerous returning customers, not without success.

The world of proAV isn’t just spectacular, interesting and exciting, but for lots of our clients, it’s indispensable for effective company management. In parallel, the proAV world is also complicated, it’s really easy to get lost in the endless product supply of manufacturers over a 1.000. Our well-prepared consultative sales team helps working out and finding the best possible AV solutions for given task and budget. Our qualified and experienced engineering team, trained on projects recognized on international level, is ready to complete the complex system integration work. 

AV Spring DEMO

Inside our showroom of high standards, we can demonstrate the user experience to our corporate clients of what a 21. century boardroom can provide. Our showroom can be visited in pre-booked appointments. 

AV Spring LAB

Behind our spectacular, easy-to-use solutions, mostly there are elaborate systems consisting of many devices. We believe it is essential to learn, test, experiment to create successful projects. Therefore, we created the AVS LAB as part of our office, it’s an interesting testing environment for those clients who like to spend time with cables and whirring devices.

International connections

Our headquarters is in Budapest, but we are also active in other European countries. With the contribution of our external partner network we can provide comprehensive services throughout the continent, besides AV systems integration.

Thanks to the Global Alliance PSNI, of which AV Spring is the only member in Hungary, we can support our clients for projects aimed at foreign markets as well. Our membership ensures that we work according to the international standards and serve our clients with the highest level of professionalism.

MOL Campus – Virtu

Office Park of the Year

ING Headquarters, Budapest

University Campus, Vienna



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Management offices

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Keeping up with the rapid improvement of audio-visual technologies is always a huge challenge. The continuous advancements of this field can make our life a lot easier if planned and handled correctly by professionals. Our main services are:


Our consulting service helps understand current technological opportunities and how they apply to their specific projects, making it easier to select optimal solutions for success. During the consultation, we offer tailored, efficient, and reliable solutions, considering the specific characteristics of the site and our clients’ expectations.

AV system integration

Audiovisual (AV) system integration follows the design process, providing a comprehensive service from design to implementation. The initial step involves equipment procurement, followed by assembly, proper installation, and equipment configuration. This ensures that our clients receive a fully operational, coordinated system.


The expertise of our engineers contributes to the high quality and efficiency of projects. Designing and installing AV systems are complex processes involving several technical challenges. With their help, clients can be confident that the planned system meets their expectations, and optimal solutions are applied. Our engineers can identify and resolve emerging problems, ensuring smooth operation and customer satisfaction.

Project management

Project management ensures projects are conducted efficiently and smoothly from start to finish. Our project managers develop and adhere to schedules, coordinating teams to ensure each phase is completed on time. Proper project management maximizes resource efficiency and minimizes risks, contributing to customer satisfaction.


The aim of programming is to optimize and customize the software control of audiovisual systems according to clients’ needs. Programmers ensure flawless system operation and implement interactive functions and automated processes to enhance clients’ audiovisual experience and efficiency. With high-level programming expertise, we provide clients with unique and innovative audiovisual solutions.

High-level support and maintenance services

Our commitment is to offer comprehensive services to our partners, including but not limited to audio and visual systems design, consultancy, budgeting, and system planning, as well as advanced operations and maintenance services. Read more

Event support

Our event support service ensures seamless event execution. We not only provide audiovisual equipment but also offer expert technical assistance for installation and operation. Additionally, through our streaming service, we enable live event streaming, allowing remote viewers to participate. Overall, our event support offers comprehensive solutions to ensure flawless events.


We manufacture custom furniture, metal structures, and podiums. Our expert teams guarantee high-quality products that meet our clients’ expectations. Custom manufacturing allows clients to receive tailored solutions that align with their environmental and individual needs.

Rental service

Our rental service allows clients to temporarily use the latest audiovisual equipment and devices. During the rental period, we provide full technical support to ensure smooth operation and customer satisfaction. Rental offers clients high-quality audiovisual solutions for short-term or periodic projects, events, or gatherings.



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József Boros
Executive Director
+36 20 975 74 57

Szabolcs Tóth
Director of Sales
+36 20 419 77 18

Attila Turi
Business Development Director
+36 20 377 15 10

Bálint Ipcsics
Technical Director
+36 20 971 19 12

Benjámin Bak
Director of AV Design
+36 20 328 53 81

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+36 1 800 9053

Office and showroom

AV Spring Ltd.
1117 Budapest, Infopark Walkway 1., C building


AV Spring Ltd.
1117 Budapest, Kondorosi road 2/A, „E” building